Trump Is Moving

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To 1600 Pennsylvania Av! For some reason, which I think, we all know the latest polls aren’t being televised. The latest Newsmax poll shows Trump leading at 42%, Ted Cruz at 32% and John Kasich at 20%. I was thinking about why Kasich is staying in the race. Could it be that he is a plant put there by the GOP because they already knew ahead of time that there would be a brokered convention, or that they are hoping for one? John Kasich seems so confident even though he doesn’t have the slightest chance of winning. Why? The liberal media, the democrats, the republicans and Hillary are trying to destroy “the disrupter.” Trump calls it like it is and we as Americans have become complacent and just accept the corruption like it is. Well, looks like all is about to change as more and more patriotic Americans are seeing the light. Lets hope he continues to rise in the polls and gets the 1237. If he does I don’t think even the corrupt GOP could stop him then. Keep your fingers crossed.

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