Joan Silver

As one of our senior political writers, Joan focuses primarily on issues dealing with the Republican side of affairs. She came to us after a short stint with a television station in Washington, DC, where she was a senior political correspondent. Joan has a husband, Don, and two young golden retrievers.

Wayne Stitchell

Wayne (or Bob as he prefers to be called) heads up our democratic writing team (basically just Bob himself with occasional help from Joan). Bob attended Gonzaga University is Washington state where he majored in political science. In high school, he was a member of the Young Democrats Political Debate Team which he says laid the foundation for his career.

Javier Ximenez

Javier assists us with the Hispanic side of politics. He is from Guadalajara, Mexico and came to the United States in 1994. Javier is extremely well-versed in American-Mexican political relations and as such is a huge asset to our editorial team.

Whitney Reed

Whitney is our local grammar expert. She received a degree in English from Penn State and has a knack for being able to quickly and correctly edit most all of our articles. Whitney has always wanted to be a political news anchor and it is our hope that this gig helps her attain her dream.