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If we can just stumble our way across the Jan. 20th starting line things look great for the coming year and the coming 8 years.
In fact, what Donald Trump has done for this nation could result in a sustainable revival of the America we knew as kids where a real social contract existed among our parents generation the Greatest Generation where everyone knew that we all had to contribute to the betterment of our society or else it would fail.
And in only 8 years of our current president, failure almost happened.

But God isnt done with the United States. God needs her to become the lamp of freedom for the hopes of all people, in every nation for yet another generation.
I dont know how many publishers are pouring over final drafts of manuscripts of authors who would fear for their books to be published under their real names until Obama has surrendered power, but you can bet there are plenty of them.
You can absolutely bet on the fact that when this coming year is out, we will know unbelievable things about President Obama how he came to power; how he maintained it; and who is behind him.
Hats off to Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his lead investigator, Mike Zullo, for having the guts to stick to Obamas fake Hawaiian Birth Certificate issue.
My 2017 prediction is that at years end, we will have forgotten the term birther which has been used by the left as a term of derision - because so much will be known about Obamas hidden history that no one will believe that his birth certificate is genuine.
This fake Photoshopped document was proven illegitimate with 3 or 4 days of the White House releasing it because the idiot who did the forgery forget to render the document into a final image that erases the composite parts first before releasing it, thereby making it so that any Photoshop user could see the layers and how the doc was built.
But what Mike Zullo found out was the exact persons birth certificate that was used to create the Obama fake document. Simply brilliant.

I promised folks that I would do a report on this, but it ran up too close to Christmas when we were going to shut down. Ill still try to do it.
Now onto the story of this report.
President-Elect Donald Trump will soon be ripping the reins of power out of hands of President Obama, a.k.a. Barry Soetoro.
Have you ever noticed that I just cant bring myself to say President Obamas fake first name? Its just fake! Why repeat it?
In any case, Ive been developing this friendship with an investment banker whose name I know, but wont reveal until he gives me the OK.
He knew Obama somewhat during Obamas days at Harvard Law.
But being in a social circle of those who knew him better, he put together his best estimate about how the whole fake identity came about. Ill remove identifying info, but here is the story he sent me a few days ago.

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