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Shocker!  Obama is flooding the country with illegals before he leaves office.  Dan Plante a reporter spent the day on the border with Chris Harris from the National Border Patrol Council.  What he found was nothing less than shocking. 

 The border (which is really a fence) between San Diego and Mexico has illegals flooding in.  When they cross and are questioned they respond that Obama told them it was ok to come.  Nine out of ten illegals get to remain in San Diego.   This is one of the most dangerous places in America.  Fences are effective as long as you have the border patrol agents to be on guard which they don't. They need 2,000 more border patrol agents, the money was allocated for them to receive but they never did.   There are literally hundreds if not thousands crossing every single day. 

If an illegal comes to a border patrol agent and tells him that he has a heart condition then the border patrol has to take him to the hospital to receive care and guess who pays, we do.  

This is so out of control, January 20th when President Elect Donald Trump comes into office just isn't soon enough. God help us!  

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