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President Elect Donald Trump is choosing Rex Tillerson who is the CEO of Exxon Mobil which is the 5th largest publicly traded company in the world. Rex Tillerson has been the CEO for over a decade.  How's that for experience?   The revenues annually are over $260 billion dollars and has operations in over 21 countries. Exxon employs over 75,000 employees.   President Elect Trump stated that he would pick the best and the brightest and he is sticking to his word.  

Tillerson has been at Exxon for over forty years and because of company policy he was expected to retire in March 2017.  Tillerson accepts the challenge of Secretary of State because like Trump he wants to make America great again and what a challenge it is after Secretary of State John Kerry leaves.

Tillerson understands that the state department requires a complete overhaul.  It has a budget of 65 billion dollars and 70,000 employees. Tillerson is known world wide for his negotiating skills.

There are however several republicans who are not comfortable with Trump's choice namely John McCain and Lindsey Graham, as their concern is with Russia's president Vladimir Putin. Since Tillerson has made deals all over the world it does not seem strange that he would know Putin and have dealings with him as well.  

Tillerson like Trump knows how to get things done, not just talk about them like 99% of the politicians.

Wouldn't it just be a perfect scenario if John Bolton is appointed as deputy secretary of state who has extensive experience with the state department?

Keep fingers crossed!  

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