The lefty's not only have the media on their side, but now they are designing apps to boycott Trump.  The hatred never ends so be aware of what's going on!  We can have a vote everytime we buy!  Let's shop at all the Trump-friendly stores! 

From Forbes

Many U.S. corporations are participating in an active dialogue about whether or not they support Donald Trump, and it’s rattling the consumer marketplace. Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank said in a recent CNBC interview that he sees Trump as a “real asset for the country” because of his pro-business approach, prompting celebrity athlete endorsers like Stephen Curry, Misty Copeland and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to publicly criticize his praise. Nordstrom dropped Ivanka Trump’s brand, Donald Trump tweeted about it, and then stocks climbed. And when Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announced his plans to hire thousands of refugees, the news caused Trump critics to embrace the coffee giant (including some who were leery in the past because of the chain’s presence in Trump properties) and Trump supporters to boycott the brand.

“People are realizing that they have a vote everyday with their purchasing power, and they can take a stand every single day with how they spend their money,” says Nathan Lerner, executive director at the Democratic Coalition Against Trump. Back in late November, he and his team launched the Boycott Trump app, a simple database that allows consumers to know which companies support Donald Trump.

“By boycotting companies that are supporters of Trump, consumers can hurt Trump and his allies where it hurts most—their wallets,” Lerner says.

To date, the Boycott Trump app has more than 325,000 users and lists about 250 companies that the app’s developers believe are pro-Trump. These include companies owned by Trump, that support Trump or have business connections with him, and even companies that sponsored the Celebrity Apprentice. Some of these companies are Gucci, which has a flagship store in the Trump Tower, Macy’s, which carried Ivanka’s clothing line, and the brand of Kanye West, who publicly expressed support for Trump in the past.

Unreal huh?  I'm shopping at these stores!