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From Trump's site

Fact 1: Clinton Trade Deals “Are Disastrous”

Fact 2: Clinton Lied About Her Landing In Bosnia

Fact 3: Clinton Performed Favors for Donors As Secretary Of State

Fact 4: The Clintons Made Millions From Speeches To Special Interests

Fact 5: Clinton Supported Her Husband’s “Disastrous” NAFTA Policy

Fact 6: Clinton Supported China’s Entrance Into The WTO

Fact 7: Since Hillary-Backed Trade Agreements Adoped Nearly 1/3 Of Americas

Manufacturing Jobs Have Disappeared

Fact 8: The Trade Deficit With China Soared Under Clinton As Secretary Of State

Fact 9: China Stole Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars In Intellectual Property During Clinton

Tenure At State

Fact 10: Clinton Gave China Millions Of Jobs And Grew Rich In Return

Fact 12: The Clintons Profited From Speeches To Chinese Interests While She Was

Negotiating With China

Fact 13: Clinton Supported TPP Which Will Destroy Jobs

Fact 14: Clinton Deleted The TPP Record From Her Book And 30,000 Emails

Fact 15: Clinton Will Adopt TPP

Fact 16: Clinton Will Betray Workers On Trade

Fact 17: Clinton’s Foreign Policy Has Cost Americans Thousands Of Lives, Trillions Of Dollars,

and Unleashed ISIS Across The World

Fact 18: Among Clinton’s Victims Was Ambassador Chris Stevens

Fact 19: Clinton Was At Home Sleeping While Attacks In Benghazi Continued

Fact 20: Ambassador Stevens And His Staff In Libya Made Hundreds Of Requests For

Increased Security And Were Denied

Fact 21: Clinton Lied About A Video Causing The Deaths Of Americans In Benghazi

Fact 22: In Four Years Clinton Managed To Single Handedly Destabilize The Middle East And

Hand Over Libya To ISIS

Fact 23: Iran Is Now The Dominant Islamic Power In The Middle East And Is On The Road To

A Nuclear Weapon, Thanks To Clinton

Fact 24: Hillary Has Supported Regime Change In Syria, Leading To One Of The Bloodiest

Civil Wars And Giving ISIS A Launching Pad To The West

Fact 25: Clinton Helped Force Out A Friendly Regime In Egypt

Fact 26: Clinton’s Announced-Timetable for Withdrawal from Iraq Allowed ISIS to Rush In and Fill The Void

Fact 27: Clinton Learned Nothing From Iraq

Fact 28: Clinton Refuses To Acknowledge The Threat Posed By Radical Islam

Fact 29: Clinton Supports A 550% Increase In Syrian Refugees

Fact 30: Hundreds Of Immigrants And Their Children Have Been Recently Charged With Terrorism

Fact 31: Clinton Policy Is Motivated By 1,000 Foreign Donations That Weren’t Disclosed With

The State Department

 Fact 32: Bill Clinton Was Paid $750,000 From A Telecom Company Facing State Department

Sanctions While Hillary Was Secretary of State, And Was Subsequently Spared

Fact 33: Clinton’s State Department Approved The Transfer of 20% Of America’s Uranium Holdings To Russia, While Investors Funneled $145 Million To The Clinton Foundation

Fact 34: Hillary Clinton Appointed A Top Donor To A Sensitive National Security Board, Despite His Having No Credentials

Fact 35: Clinton Accepted Gifts From The Government Of Brunei As Secretary Of State As

Brunei Pushed Sharia Law

Fact 36: Hillary Took $25 Million From Saudi Araba, Where Being LGBT Is Punishable By Death

Fact 37: Hillary took Millions From Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, And Other Countries That Abuse Women And The LGBT Community

Fact 38: Clinton Illegally Used A Private Email Server While At The State Department

Fact 39: Clinton’s Emails Were Easily Hacked By Foreign Governments

Fact 40: Clinton Deleted 33,000 Emails

Fact 41: Clinton’s Private Emails Could Be Used as A Blackmail File for Foreign Governments

Fact 42: Clinton Will Pursue An Open Borders Policy

Fact 43: Minorities Will Be Hurt Most From Clinton’s Policies

Fact 44: Sergeant Mendoza Brendam Died Because Of The Immigration Policies Supported

By Hillary Clinton

Fact 45: For The Amount Of Money Hillary Clinton Wants To Spend On Refugees, We Could

Rebuild Every Inner-City In America

Fact 46: Clinton’s Immigration Agenda Will Keep Them Poor, Unemployed Americans Out Of Work, And Hurt Minorities

Fact 47: Clinton Will Appoint Judges Who Will Abolish The 2nd Amendment

Fact 48: ObamaCare Is A Job-Killing Disaster

Fact 49: Real Wages Haven’t Increased For America Workers

Fact 50: Clinton’s Regime of Taxation, Regulation, And Open Borders, Will Destroy Jobs And Drive Down Wages

For a Detailed Explanation of Each fact: click here

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