Listen up GM we needs job in America, not Mexico!!!!  

From The Hill

President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday blasted General Motors on Twitter, threatening a "big border tax" on the automaker’s models made in Mexico.

GM’s stock dropped by about 1 percent, roughly a quarter billion dollars in value, after his tweet.

GM announced last June it would build Chevy Cruzes in Mexico and sell them in the U.S. for the first time due to high demand.

The automaker revealed the change after its plant in Lordstown, Ohio struggled to meet consumer demands.

“In an effort to meet customer demand for the Chevrolet Cruze, GM will be utilizing existing production capacity in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico to supplement production at its plant in Lordstown, Ohio,” GM said in a statement. “Cruze vehicles are continuing to arrive in dealers across the U.S. and Canada, and we expect that dealer inventories will increase this month.”

GM is not the first automaker Trump has attacked. He repeatedly hammered Ford Motor Co. on the campaign trail.

Last September, for example, Trump hit Ford for shifting all of its North American small-car production from the U.S. to Mexico.

“We shouldn’t allow it to happen,” he said during a visit to Flint, Mich. on Sept. 14, 2016. “They’ll make their cars, they’ll employ thousands of people, not from this country and they’ll sell their car across the border.”

“When we send our jobs out of Michigan, we’re also sending our tax base,” Trump added in a typically blue state that turned red for him on Election Day last November.

Trump has also targeted other U.S. businesses on Twitter, most recently singling out Boeing and Lockheed Martin.